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When you first moved into your office building, you were probably thinking that having vinyl as your floor covering was the best option for your business and its staff. It’s cheap, comes in a whole punch of designs and easy to install. However, over time with office chairs, high heels and other everyday use, your floor vinyl can begin to look worn out and damaged.

As well as making your office space look unprofessional, damaged floors can also be a safety hazard for you and your staff. This is because vinyls are privy to having rises and falls which can easily be tripped over. These rises and falls can occur either from poor installation, or from damage that has occurred over time. So even if you’ve hired the very best floor covering installers to put in your vinyl, you could still up with ugly and unsafe floors as your office space gets busier.

If you’ve noticed that your office vinyl is beginning to look worn-out, it may be time for a makeover. Whether you are going to replace this with new vinyl, or a completely different floor covering, it’s important that the removal process is taken seriously and performed correctly.

When vinyl is first rolled out, it can be laid in a number of different ways, all depending on the type of vinyl that is used. For example, there is thin, domestic vinyl, along with thick, industrial grade vinyl. As well as peeling back this vinyl, removing the leftover glue from your subfloor is another important step to the removal process, and it is often the most strenuous. This is because vinyl glue is particularly stubborn, and requires you to work with your hands to remove it using either a diamond grinder or a hammer and chisel.

To assist you with this tricky removal process is the team at Timber Floor Stripping Sydney. The team of experienced tradies at Timber Floor Stripping use only the best quality equipment when removing vinyl, and they also aim to ensure your usual day-to-day activities are disrupted as little as possible- so your office’s productivity doesn’t have to suffer.

Call Timber Floor Stripping now for a free quote on the removal of your Sydney office vinyl.