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Are your vinyl floors starting to look damaged or outdated? Are you already planning out the tiles, carpet or floorboards you want to replace your vinyl with? Well, before you jump the gun, it’s important to start from the very first step: removing your old vinyl floor covering.

Anyone who has ever removed vinyl before knows that it’s a labour-intensive and time consuming job. This is because the glue that fixes the vinyl covering to the floor is extremely hard to remove. Unfortunately, there is no special machinery or equipment to remove this vinyl quickly, instead the removal is done using a blade and jackhammer. However, it can get even more difficult depending on the type of vinyl that has been used.

The different types of vinyl span from thin, domestic sheeting to thicker, industrial grade vinyl. The thicker the vinyl, the harder the removal, which makes your removal job a lot more challenging than first anticipated. As well as this, your vinyl can be laid in a number of different ways depending on the type of sub-floor that is beneath it- again affecting the difficulty of your removal job.

With all these things to consider, it’s best to talk to the experts at Timber Floor Stripping Gold Coast. The team of dedicated professionals first inspect your vinyl floors to learn the best approach to tackle your vinyl floor removal. The experienced tradesman then efficiently remove the vinyl using a blade and jackhammer and go on to ensuring there is no glue resin left behind on the subfloor by utilising a diamond concrete grinder.

For a Gold Coast vinyl removal service that’s above the rest, call the experts at Timber Floor Stripping. The friendly staff provide the stepping-stone to achieving your ideal flooring, while keeping your home clean and safe during the removal process. Call now on 0411 888 141.

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