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One of the most common ways to rejuvenate the look of your home is to change the colour of your indoor or outdoor paint. It’s simple, easy to do yourself and cheaper than buying a whole new range of furniture and artwork.

A lot of people are under the impression that you can just start painting right on top of the already painted wall. Although this is sometimes the case, in most instances the previous paint layer needs to be removed before repainting. This is necessary if your original paint is peeling or if you wish to reveal the wood grain.

The process of removing paint can be completed by either sanding or scraping. While the removal is taking place, it’s also important to consider protecting the area where the paint is being removed, to avoid mess and damage to floor coverings and furniture.

Also, before the paint removal actually takes place, it’s essential to make sure that no lead paint was ever used to paint the wall where work is being done. This is because lead paint is toxic when inhaled, and the process of removing paint will cause a lot of dust that can be harmful if it is in fact lead.

When you choose to turn to a qualified Sydney business for your paint removal, you need to make Timber Floor Stripping your first preference. Timber Floor Stripping is made up of a team of dedicated tradesman, who have years of experience in all household stripping needs, including paint removal. These trades can guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, as they focus on getting the job done while also maintaining a safe environment for both themselves and their clients.

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