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It is time to retire your marble tiles for a fresher, more modern look? Well the first step to achieving the ideal look for your home or commercial building is by removing your marble tiles. As marble is a natural stone, these tiles can be tricky to remove, with shards of tiles flying everywhere in the process. Due to the hard labour of the job, and the safety risks the removal poses, it’s best to get your marble removal done by the experts. Timber Floor Stripping are floor stripping specialists based in Sydney, New South Wales. The local business is made up of a team of dedicated tradesman, who have over 30 years of experience in the floor stripping industry. Timber Floor Stripping Sydney recruit only the most passionate and knowledgeable professionals, to ensure that the results delivered to their clients are consistently excellent. You will notice the difference between Timber Floor Stripping and other businesses in the industry as Timber Floor Stripping promises to always clean and finish the stripped area to make sure that you can go back to your everyday living as soon as possible. As well as this, Timber Floor Stripping Sydney is a fully insured company that complies with Public Liability, Workers Compensation and White Card Health & Safety Regulations- so you can rest easy knowing you are protected against accidents. When it comes to removing marble tiles, it’s important to implement the proper process so the job is done properly. First, the removalist should be wearing the appropriate protective clothing to avoid flying shards of tile causing injury. As well as this, all items and fixtures that are in the room being stripped should be protected from dust and damage by either being removed or covered in plastic sheeting. Once these steps have been implemented, the actual marble removal can take place. This involves chipping away at the tiles using a hammer and chisel, then grinding back the left over grout and tile glue using special machinery. With all these steps and potential hazards it’s obvious that turning to the experts is the best choice. Call Timber Floor Stripping now for all your Sydney marble removal needs!