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Are you over the look of your granite tiles or benchtop? Is your granite starting to look run-down and chipped? The easiest solution is to remove all existing granite tiles and start from scratch!

If they are not properly maintained, granite tiles and benchtops can start to look worn and out-dated only a short time after their initial installation. This maintenance involves being recoated every year. However, even if this recoating step is being carried out, the biggest flaw is that most people tend to forget about preparing their surface first, with little to no granite being stripped back. In turn, this causes your granite tiles and benchtops to become discoloured, brittle, flaky, cracked or develop patches of white.

If your granite flooring or benchtop is suffering these symptoms it means that it’s probably too late to save your surface. Instead, you should opt to remove your granite and replace it with a floor covering that requires less maintenance and won’t damage to the same extent. The first step to achieving a more desirable look for your home is easy with the experienced team at Timber Floor Stripping Sydney.

Despite the name, the tradesman at Timber Floor Stripping are experts at removing all types of floor coverings and surfaces, giving your space a new lease of life for your next project. The fully insured company with over 3 decades of experience prove why they are the ideal choice to remove granite tiles and benchtops from your home.

The team at Timber Floor Stripping use the best quality floor stripping machinery in the business, with hydraulic attachments that removes tiles quickly and efficiently. As well as this, Timber Floor Stripping aims for absolute customer satisfaction, and reinforces this by completely cleaning and finishing the area once floor or fitting removal is complete.

It’s no wonder why these tradesmen are so highly reputed in their industry! So why wait any longer. Call Timber Floor Stripping Sydney now on 0426 284 221.